Lĩnh vực đầu tiên chúng ta đi trước bọn Tây râu rậm


Drive like a sheep, and you get stuck. Break some rules here and there for the good of traffic flow, and everyone benefits. A new traffic study by physicists at Sweden’s Umea University found that while we’re all taught to obey the traffic rules no matter what, doing so just makes for bottlenecks. Mix in some maverick drivers, however, and suddenly, logjams begin to ease as the percentage of drivers willing to pass on the right or zip past a pack of trundling cars on a two-lane actually help to keep the traffic flowing smoothly.

Đề nghị chú Physicist này qua Việt Nam, nhân dân Việt Nam anh hùng toàn làm chuyện như vầy từ thế ký trước tới thế kỷ này rồi 😉